Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Road to Anaheim

I should have probably said Flight to Anaheim, but Road sounded a bit more poetic. In any case, I am sitting in an Airport waiting to fly to The General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Anaheim California. To my knowledge five of our number are already there and the remaining three(myself included) will arrive today. Yes we will have eight of our members at Convention. This doesn't sound like a great host of people, but it does represent a great effort and is ground breaking.

The effort represents more than just the eight, because some of you out there contributed to help in the effort. It is ground breaking because we are all out and proud of being who we are. In the car driving to this flight I had an interesting discussion with my friend Brenda. We are all just people just like any other of God's created humanity. Whatever the reason we are who we are. As far as the Church is concerned the reasons we are the way we are are irrelevant. God made me and God made you. The differences between people is minor. That God loves us isn't minor. Wouldn't it be nice if the Episcopal Church acknowledged that?

God's Peace,
Michelle Hansen +
From an Airport

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