Three years ago, a small band of transgender Episcopalians and our allies made unprecedented progress at The Episcopal Church’s General Convention.  Against major odds, and with the help of our partner organizations, we won The Episcopal Church’s support in three areas:
 1)  secular anti-discrimination legislation at the federal, state and local levels (D012 & C048)
2)   ecclesial non-discrimination in lay hiring (D032)
3)   adoption of more transgender-friendly forms (D090)
 There was one resolution on which we fell just shy, however: the prohibition of discrimination against transgender people in access to the ordination process (C061). 
 At General Convention 2012 a larger delegation from TransEpiscopal went to support greater Trans acceptance and promote Legislation.  Our effort included a booth at the Convention as well as a TransEpiscopal Eucharist.  Through the movement of the Holy Spirit at the Convention all of our legislation passed.  In addition, the video produced along with Integrity "Voices of Witness: Out of the Box" was widely distributed.  

The generous gifts of many helped to enable these things.  We now have an ongoing task to represent the Trans Community to the Church and the world.  Legislation was the beginning.  The greater part of our mission is to continue to show the world we are a full part of Christ's Kingdom.  Our ongoing mission can use your continued help.

 A gift of $50, $100, $250 or $500 or any amount will make a crucial difference in our capacity to change hearts and minds and represent the Gospel to all.

 If you contributed to our effort in the past, we thank you and hope that you can help us move our work forward. If you are new to TransEpiscopal and its efforts, we would love to have you stand with us in expanding the borders of the body of Christ.
 Please give as generously as you possibly can.  To make your contribution online, simply click the “Donate" tab to your left on the web site.  Alternately, you can mail a check made out to our fiscal sponsor, Integrity USA -- just be sure to put TransEpiscopal in the memo line, then mail to:
               IntegrityUSA, 838 East High St. #291, Lexington, KY 40502.
Thank you again for your support, follow our progress online at our website or our Facebook page, and most of all, please keep us in your prayers.