Dear friends and members of TransEpiscopal:

Just before the Feast of the Ascension, May 14th this year, there were three days called “Rogation Days” that are special days of fasting.  The word Rogation is Latin and means “Asking”, so these are days of Asking.  They are a remnant of a time when our lives were far more agricultural.  Prayers were said for the success of the new crops, most of which had just been planted.
Jesus also talks about planting, but his planting is a metaphor for instilling new faith in a “fertile” people.  TransEpiscopal is an organization of Episcopalians who seek to help the planting of the Christian Faith among the Trans population along with acceptance, education and greater inclusion of Trans individuals within the life of the Episcopal Church.  Many who are Trans have been systematically rejected from their traditional faith homes.  We strive to create a more accepting and friendly space for them in the Episcopal Church.
To do this we have over the past 10 years worked to “plant” the seed of faith and to promote an accepting, understanding and welcoming faith community within the Episcopal Church.  To this end we had delegations at the 2009 and 2012 General Conventions.  Legislation was proposed and for the most part passed.  Thus saying, the job is not yet completed and we intend to have yet another presence at the 2015 General Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah (this June and July.) For the most part, the TransEpiscopal delegation members are some of the “fruits” of past “planting.” They will educate, promote legislation and make personal bonds with the leaders of the Episcopal Church.  They will pray and worship with the Convention.
We cannot accomplish this great task of ministry to the Church without help.  We hope that you will be able and want to help with this “planting” by making a contribution to the effort.  Any contribution, large or small, will accomplish a great deal.  It will help with the expenses of the General Convention and it will make you a part of our Ministry.  Please pray for us and, if you can, contribute.  There is a Donate button to the left of this page to make a contribution using PayPal.  A PayPal account is not necessary. Please note that the contribution is for “TransEpiscopal.”  If you prefer to send a check, you can mail a check made out to our fiscal sponsor, Integrity USA-- just be sure to put TransEpiscopal in the memo line, then mail to:

770 Massachusetts Ave #390170
Cambridge, MA 02139   USA
We thank you for your interest, your support and for your prayers.  Blessings!
Donna Cartwright
The Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge
The Rev. Gari Green