Saturday, July 11, 2009

Long, Long Day

It has been a long day, it has been tiring and wonderful at the same time. The morning started with the World Mission Committee meeting in subcommittees. They pushed trough a bill on Transgender rights to the House of Deputies. It was an amazing thing to watch. At least one of the committee members was extremely emotionally moved in the hallway afterward. Tomorrow a different committee will deal with two more bills recommending legislation at the federal level to protect the rights of transgender people. It looks good for this one also.

The worst possible scenario would be to have the bills tables or shuffled until there was no time left. The progress is remarkable.

The TransEpiscopal team also told our story at a forum in the exhibit Hall. Five of us spoke about our stories, about past and present and possible futures. We had forty-five minutes, but took an hour. There was a small group of people listening, but they all stayed to the end. Part of what held attendance down was that the house of Deputies and House of Bishops were meeting at the same time.

The day climaxed with the Integrity Eucharist. There must have been at least a thousand people in attendance. Bishop Gene Robinson Celebrated and a great sermon was given by Bishop Barbara Harris of Massachusetts.

At the end we were all just beat! I'm headed to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

God's Peace,
Michelle Hansen+

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